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  • // Tight Ass Tuesday //

    So today I did something that I hadn’t done in a while… and that was… go to the movies.. not only to see one movie, but TWO movies in the one day.

    I was pretty chuffed about this because since ever I can remember, I would usually go see on average a film every week, and when I worked in a cinema, I’d even see 3 films a week on average and used to do marathons all the time.

    Most I’ve ever done is see 3 films in a day, and most people I know would call me mad for even seeing 2 films in a day let alone 3, but I just love the cinema. Its my home, its my escape, it where I can let my mind run wild and its where I will work towards having my name pop up in the credits one day.

    Today was what we call Tight Ass Tuesday which is always a big hit. Movies are half the price of a normal ticket and I swear every few months the prices rise and rise and rise. Australia is a very expensive country so its always rather costly heading to the cinemas especially.

    So, I made the most of today by treating myself to a marathon.

    First up was ARGO.

    What a film. I’m not going to ramble on and on about it for hours although I really feel like I could, but needless to say, I had HUGE expectations with this film, the preview completely captivated me and ever since I saw The Town, a film which really impressed me, I was completely intrigued to see how Ben Affleck would follow it.

    Argo blew me away. It exceeded my expectations. It had me literally on the edge of my seat with my knees folded up into my chest, my mouth covered by my hands, shaking and gasping as to what would happen next.

    The cast were absolutely incredible. A cast can really make or break a film and in this case, each actor was so perfectly suited to their roles. The delivery of their lines, the little remarks and mannerisms that were presented here and there could not have been achieved by any other actor in all cases in this film so kudos to all the talented actors in this film.

    Now, Ben Affleck… I have the utmost respect for this guy as a director. This film was so well made and thought out, much like The Town, and the ability to be able to follow it up by making another fantastic film, I am extremely impressed. Even his acting, sound cheesy but this guy has definitely grown up, gotten wiser, smarter and in general much better by having moved away from his cookie cutter pretty boy image. I actually rate him as a really good actor too. :)

    So overall, Argo would have to go down as my favourite film this year. Ive seen some great films but this one really moved and captivated me, physically and mentally.

    I rate it 5/5 !! Yep I really loved it and wouldn’t change anything about it.

    Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wCwLfDG1us&feature=relmfu

    2nd up was a film called The Intouchables

    Okay to be honest, I had seen the name of this film everywhere but never really knew much about it.. I just knew it had been out for a while and the reason for it must be because its good.

    So I did something I rarely do… I bought a ticket for a movie I knew nothing about. I sat down in the dark cinema, had my packet of chips and pepsi ready to go, and sat back to let the unexpected unfold.

    I hadn’t seen a preview, I didn’t know what the storyline was, all I knew was the cinema was completely full and since it had been out for months here, I knew I was in for a ride.

    Well, first things first, this film was a FRENCH film. I usually don’t get along to seeing many foreign films, I often find them hard to follow as I get frustrated having to read all the time … which is pretty stupid reason since so many great films are made in different countries and tongues… maybe its the film school scarring starting to show… the endless film screenings of french and italian films of the 20’s, 30’s, 40s and so forth that were arty for the sake of being arty and continuously put me to sleep.

    The constant conversations and debated between my classmates as to how beautiful the language matched the scenery and story and how some of these European film makers broke so many rules that was just considered to be so amazing.

    Honestly to me it was all a bit too much. Yes I can appreciate how some of the European film makers were some of the most daring and helped define cinema with their less conventional methods and ideas…. but it seems to me like a lot of the foreign films I have watched over the last few years have mostly just been attempts at art and rule breaking that was supposed to move an audience, but for me, all I would often see is okay.. its a shot of the back of someone’s head for 10 minutes and a conversation in French… what am I watching??? I’d get bored and switch off.

    Now thats a bit of a generalization I realize, but like I said, I’m a bit hollywood, I like to think and my favourite films are the ones that are a bit arty where you really do have to think, like Donny Darko and Requiem for Dream who yes are Hollywood films, but may not be your average person’s cup of tea…

    So, back to foreign films, I’d say I started overcoming this generalization and opening myself up to foreign films a bit more when I saw the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which is A MILLION times better than the US version (even though its directed by one of my faves, David Fincher), so I’ve ever since, I’ve been curious to see more foreign made films, just haven’t focused hard enough on it to be honest.

    Back to this movie, The Intouchables, A french film and now a film in which I’m proud to say I have had the chance to see because this too has to go down as one of the best films I’ve seen all year.

    In fact I’d say the two films I saw today were both the best I’ve seen all year!

    I cannot recommend the Intouchables enough, and I know as much as I tell my usual band of friends on facebook or whatever to see it if they ask me whats good to see, its unfortunate that because its not in english, it won’t interest a lot of people.. hell.. if I had known I might have gotten lazy and thought, Nah… I’ll see it later and then who knows, maybe not have gotten around to it.

    But this film, this film was brilliant. So simple and such a great script. Also based on a true story but I have to give a huge credit to the cast in this one too. Omar Sy was absolutely brilliant and if I ever see his name to another film again I will jump at the chance to see it. This guy just had something about him that made me go wow. His charm, humour and overall versatility in his ability to nail each and every emotion and do it well in EVERY. SINGLE. SCENE just made me want to watch him for hours and hours on end. He was just brilliant and in my opinion, made the movie. No other actor could have pulled off such a challenging role like he did and I instantly fell in love with him. He just had it.

    I don’t want to say too much else about this film other than the fact that for 2 hours I was truly amused and amazed by what I saw on screen. A funny film with a moving story.
    Could not recommend this enough and I am so glad I sat down and saw this film and any nominations, awards and success this film gets is surely deserved.
    My rating: ★ ★  4/5 
    Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V8ZJ_8qARs

    Happy Tuesday!



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